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Freelance Software Developer in Tampere, FinlandHello

I'm Riku 👋

I am a

freelance Software Developer living in Tampere, Finland.

After years of working for some of the most well known companies in Europe, I've decided to take those lessons and get back to my origins as an independent developer.
Here's few things I can help you with:
  • Full Stack development
  • React & React Native development
  • Tech training & coaching
  • Cloud services (Heroku, AWS, Contentful...)
  • API design & implementation
  • Tech recruitment

If you are looking for someone to help your team build amazing digital products, I'm your guy!

Send me an email or connect via LinkedIn.
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React Hook prompting the user to "Add to homescreen" 🏠

Published on Nov 29

Simple React Hook for showing the user a custom "Add to homescreen" prompt.

const [prompt, promptToInstall] = useAddToHomescreenPrompt();
PWA React

🎤 Some heuristics I use for refactoring

Published on Nov 19

A short presentation I gave at Futurice Tampere featuring some practical tips and tricks to achieve cleaner code and some core principles…

Best PracticesRefactoringTalks

🎤 What’s React?

Published on Nov 6

Introductory lecture I gave at Tampere University of Technology, about the core principles and how to get started with React.


On useless try-catches, being overly defensive, I/O boundaries and variable scope

Published on Nov 3

Many things can go wrong when try-catch is used, especially in an asynchronous context. As a structure try-catch is quite powerful and should be used sparingly, only when it's really needed.

best practices refactoring code review

🎤 We built our own UI component library and it was totally fine

Published on Nov 2

This is a talk I gave in Web Dev & Sausages Vol. 8 in 2018 after having worked in multiple projects with custom UI component libraries

ReactStorybookComponent LibrariesDesignTalks

Quick tip for testing React apps

Published on Nov 2

Here’s a nice minimalistic approach I’ve recently used for testing React apps. It’s a great middle ground between the speed and…


Define value boundaries early, keep things flat

Published on Nov 1

This is actually one of my personal favourite refactors. It reduces nesting, gives structure for functions and in many cases provides the answer to readers' question quicker.

best practices refactoring code review

Collection of code simplification and refactoring tips

Published on Sep 8

Want to write clean code? Well here's your chance. The following set of examples are practices that I've come across during my times as a programmer and that I believe in.

best practices refactoring code review

Scaling a Redux app - reusable containers

Published on Nov 12th 2017

The idea here is to experiment with building Redux applications by reusing Redux applications. So basically a classic Yo Dawg situation. I'm doing this in the name of science and in the hope that future generations would have a more structured way of building user interfaces.


🎤 CSS Modules

Published on Sep 24th 2016

Here’s an interesting talk about CSS modules I gave all the way back in 2016. What started as a set of rules and naming conventions known…

ReactCss ModulesTalks

Unit testing Angular.js app with node.js, mocha, angular-mocks and jsdom .js

Published on Jul 5th 2015

Majority of search result about unit testing Angular.js apps is about how to do it by using test frameworks that run the tests in a real browser. Even though it's great to be able to test your code in multiple platforms, in my opinion it creates a lot of boilerplate code and makes it hard to run the tests in, for instance a CI-server.